Subfamily Acanthocteninae

The subfamily Acanthocteninae comprising the Neotropical genera Acanthoctenus, Nothroctenus, Phymatoctenus and Viracucha was recognized as monophyletic and as a basal group within the Ctenids by Silva Dávila (2003). Dupérré (2015) included Phymatoctenus in Acantheinae.

A revision of the genus Acanthoctenus Keyserling, 1877 was published by Arizala et al. (2021). The genus comprises 13 valid species. 

Acanthoctenus Keyserling, 1877

A. aluxArizala, Labarque & Polotow, 2021 Arizala, Labarque & Polotow (2021)Guatemala
A. chickeringiArizala, Labarque & Polotow, 2021 Arizala, Labarque & Polotow (2021)Panama
A. dumicolaSimon,1906stat. res.Arizala, Labarque & Polotow (2021)Venezuela
A. gaujoniSimon,1906 Arizala, Labarque & Polotow (2021)Southern Ecuador
A. kollari(Reimoser,1939)Paracantheis kollariKraus (1955)Costa Rica
A. lamarreiArizala, Labarque & Polotow, 2021 Arizala, Labarque & Polotow (2021)Panama
A. maculatusPetrunkevitch,1925species inquirendae Panama
A. manauaraArizala, Labarque & Polotow, 2021 Arizala, Labarque & Polotow (2021)Northern Brazil (Amazonas)
A. obauratusSimon,1906incertae sedis Brazil
A. plebejusSimon,1906 Arizala, Labarque & Polotow (2021)Trinidad and Tobago
A.remotusChickering,1960 Polotow & Brescovit (2012)Jamaica
A. rubrotaeniatusMello-Leitão,1947incertae sedis Brazil
A. spinigerKeyserling,1877 Silva (2003), Arizala et al. (2021)Central East Mexico
A. spinipesKeyserling,1877Paracantheis virgineae, Gephyroctenus kolosvaryPolotow & Brescovit (2008)Central Colombia
A. torotoroArizala, Labarque & Polotow, 2021 Arizala, Labarque & Polotow (2021)Bolivia
A. virginea(Kraus, 1955)stat. res. comb. nov.Arizala, Labarque & Polotow (2021)El Salvador

Nothroctenus Badcock, 1932

N. bahiensis
Mello-Leitão,1936Dias & Brescovit (2004)Brazil
N. fuxico
Dias & Brescovit,2004Dias & Brescovit (2004)Brazil
N. marshi
(F.O.P.-Cambridge,1897)Dias & Brescovit (2004)Brazil
N. omega
(Mello-Leitão,1929)Dias & Brescovit (2004)Brazil
N. sericeus
(Mello-Leitão,1929)Dias & Brescovit (2004)Brazil
N. spinulosus
(Mello-Leitão,1929)Dias & Brescovit (2004)Brazil

Viracucha Lehtinen, 1967

V. andicola(Simon,1906) Lehtinen (1967)Bolivia
V. exilis(Mello-Leitão,1936) genus belonging doubtfulBrazil
V. mammifer(Mello-Leitão,1939) Arizala et al. (2021)Brazil
V. misionesicus(Mello-Leitão,1945) genus belonging doubtfulArgentina
V. paraguayensis(Strand,1909) genus belonging doubtfulBrazil, Paraguay
V. ridleyi(F. O. P.-Cambridge,1897) genus belonging doubtfulBrazil
V. silvicola(Soares & Soares,1946) genus belonging doubtfulBrazil