Ancylometes – distribution

The distribution of the genus is Neotropical with species occuring from El Salvador and Honduras in the north (A. bogotensis) down south to northern Argentina (A. concolor). The highest species diversity is observed in central Amazonia with 7 species (A. bogotensis, A. hewitsoni, A. japura, A. jau, A. riparius, A. rufus and A. terrenus).

Our knowledge of the distribution of the single species, however, is still very unsatisfying. Many species have been registered with few specimens only, due to the still patchy occurrence of spider sampling within the vast South American region. Three species are even only known by their females.

Some occurrences are curious, e.g. A. bogotensis in Manaus and Recife and in Bolivia, A. concolor in Pará and A. rufus in São Paulo. The population of A. rufus in the coastal region of this state, within the distribution range of A. concolor is supposed to represent the southernmost remnant of an ancient Brazilian rainforest-wide distribution (Amazonian-Atlantic rainforest) of this species.

We have recently received specimens of Ancylometes with hitherto unknown, very contrasting white marks on legs and abdomen of both sexes (see photos of A. Leetz in gallery). We were not able to decide on the species - or A. bogotensis or A. concolor. For the latter it would be a remarkable increase of it s distribution.

We would be very happy to receive scientifically ensured occurrences of Ancylometes species through our contact (infos - members). Such notifications should include species identification, locality of observation or collection (locality, nearest city, district, state, ideally coordinates).
We are also grateful for photos and other contributions.

A. amazonicus
A. bogotensis
A. concolor
A. hewitsoni
A. japura
A. jau
A. pantanal
A. riparius
A. rufus
A. terrenus